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Project 1 - High Middle Ages : Austrasia

Work in progress
At the end of the ninth century AD. A rebel group emerged from within the kingdom against the rule of the Frankish Emperor Charles. This is due to the neglect of the people and the city by the emperor, as the city became dirty and full of dirt and insects. As well as the injustice that was prevailing in the city. One dark night, the masked young man appeared. Robert. He is a member of the rebel gang who, in turn, was trying to save his city from this miserable darkness." This is Chapter One Every Session will add more chapters.

Genre : Side scroller. hack and slash

audience: +12

Mode : Single player

Project 3 - SP12AM

Sleep Paralysis

Project 5 Greece : The Time Of Athena


Project 2 - Mesopotamia : The Time Of Babylon


Project 4 - The 19Th pandemic


Project 6 Rise of Souls : Spy


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